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Developing the leadership potential of every youth.

GLTP is your opportunity to prepare for the global leadership challenges of tomorrow. Join our program and develop the skills and knowledge you need to become a successful leader on the world stage.

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Experience the power of fully-integrated virtual leadership training from the convenience of your own location!

Become a youth leader with our program, where you'll gain first-hand experience in global leadership and learn research-based theories and knowledge. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to apply your leadership skills in the real world.

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Youth leaders from around the world.

Transform yourself into a global leader and change maker with our program for youth leaders! If you're 18 or older, able to speak English, and are motivated and interested in personal development, we want you. Plus, if you have good interpersonal skills and are active in student government or after-school activities, you'll fit right in. Don't miss this opportunity to grow as a leader!

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What our Alumni say about us

“The content was very well detailed and explained. Facilitators were really attentive to preparing the session. It was fun and time flies very fast every time I join the session. Love it!”

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Batch 3

“I was able to establish good relationships with other participants even in pandemic. And I got various skills; time management, project management, expressing my opinions in English, facilitating discussions. We had many opportunity to think what leadership is and how I can contribute to discussions, I realized that I can be a leader, and I want to learn more leadership skills in the future.”

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Batch 1

“I have benefited from meeting new people of different nationalities and cultures, which is a good thing. I also gained the skill of speaking in front of a large number of people and speaking in a language other than my primary language, which is very useful and it is good to have an experience like this. I learned the fundamentals of leadership, and my perspective also changed for the better, like listening skills etc.”

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Batch 4

Unleash the power of global connection with our community platform.

You'll gain access to a global community of young leaders. You'll have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills in a diverse global environment, network with other young leaders from around the world, and collaborate on exciting projects. This is a unique opportunity to take your leadership abilities to the next level and connect with like-minded individuals. Don't miss out!

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Global Opportunity

Opportunity to further develop leadership skills especially in a globalized environment

Hands-on Experience

Acquire hands-on leadership experience by collaborating with young leaders from various backgrounds.

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Cultural Diversity and Personal Growth

Gain cultural insight and work with a diverse group of people, while also being able to test and grow your own ideas in a supportive learning atmosphere.


5 + 1 Summit

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Establishing a community of young global leaders dedicated to improving the lives of others.

Our goal is to build a cohesive community where inclusivity, diversity, innovation, and motivation are at the forefront. We are eager to help and inspire young leaders to influence their peers and attract driven, ambitious young leaders to join us in addressing important social issues. Through this program, we aim to empower young leaders and make a positive impact in society.

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