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Our Vision

Our dream is to create a life-changing impact by training the current and next generation of highly motivated individuals in leadership and interpersonal skills.
GLTP aims to empower individuals to understand their leadership identity, unique traits, self-confidence, resilience, and methods to stay motivated and inspire both themselves and others.

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Who We Are

We believe that every young person has the power to create positive change and make a life-changing impact on their community. At our Global Leadership Training Program, we help individuals discover their best selves, develop and maximize their full potential, and create change for the benefit of others. Our organization embodies the belief that every human being has the potential to be a great leader.

How We Started

Our journey began with international exchange programs (SSEAYP and SWY) funded by the Cabinet Office of Japan. Our experiences in these programs transformed us, and we believe that every young person should have the opportunity to participate in these amazing programs. This is the inspiration behind GLTP - to bring life-changing leadership programs closer to more young people.

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Our Facilitators

Meet our present and previous Facilitators

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Zenn Urbi


I want to create a healthy community where global leaders connect, inspire, and create life-changing impacts through GLTP. I believe every young leader can make a difference, and with the platform's resources and support, they can transform the world.

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Tomoo Nakayama


My leadership journey started with the proverb, "Those who wish to sing always find a song." I believe that to maintain harmony, you need a strong vision and involve people around you. With this mindset, I've been part of several impactful projects and programs. In the next five years, I aspire to bridge different sectors for a greater impact on society.

João Pedro Grilo image

João Pedro Grilo


My Leadership Journey broadened my horizons and inspired me to promote change. Now, pursuing a Masters in International Cooperation at Kobe University, I plan to work for Japanese International Development Cooperation Agencies. I'm excited to continue fostering international leadership initiatives like GLTP and SWY.

Mathew Caldito image

Mathew Caldito

Director of Design, Business Developer

As someone who values leadership, I've connected with skilled individuals and built impactful projects. Currently, I work as a digital designer and front-end developer, helping multiple projects from ideation to the end-product phase. I'm eager and excited to contribute my skills to GLTP.

Asyraf Daniel Choong  image

Asyraf Daniel Choong


As a shy boy, I enrolled in drama class to build confidence, sparking my leadership journey. Now, active with SSEAYP Alumni Association, I organize cultural exposure events and promote the beauties of Malaysia. For me, true leadership is a journey of fairness and justice towards meaningful goals.

Ahmed Tarek Elattar  image

Ahmed Tarek Elattar


My struggles have made me strong and resilient, and I'm determined to become a diplomat and motivational speaker. I aspire to be a role model for younger generations and inspire them to chase their dreams. I won't stop challenging myself until I achieve my goal of becoming a multilingual, inspirational leader.

Menna Eltaras image

Menna Eltaras


I live by the belief that "A mind stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." My leadership journey involved organizing safe spaces for intercultural dialogue and understanding. These experiences helped me grow and led me to pursue postgraduate studies in public health to promote intercultural health communication.

Ahmed Ferhad image

Ahmed Ferhad


A humble young man who loves to learn, wants to help people and to impact the world in any good way. Because the world won't be better without people who want to help.

Omar Ahmed Foly image

Omar Ahmed Foly


My leadership skills were honed through years of social work, which led me to focus on education as a solution to social issues. Currently, I'm an international fellow at GYCC, a member of the Global Shapers Community, and a peer educator at Y-Peer Egypt. I strive to combine my profession and passion to create a sustainable future through architecture addressing SDGs.

Yuka Fuji image

Yuka Fuji


I empower young refugees and develop a crowdfunding service at Borderless Japan Inc. I'm also creating an internet radio program, Dialogue Radio, to showcase a variety of life stories and promote cross-cultural dialogue. Let's co-create values beyond borders!

Marina Matsui image

Marina Matsui


Leadership has pushed me to make positive changes in my personal and professional life. Working for a global company in Japan, I strive to create sustainable and socially impactful businesses. I believe social activities can happen in any sector. While unsure of where I'll end up, I'm committed to creating positive impacts in any future community I join.

Taka Minamoto image

Taka Minamoto


I was transformed by an international exchange program, becoming someone who can bridge different cultures to achieve challenging projects. I facilitate discussions and work on youth development programs hosted by the Japanese government, driven by the joy of successful cooperation and mutual understanding.

Yousef Hesham Shoukry image

Yousef Hesham Shoukry


I'm a Regional Fellowship Program Assistant at Ashoka. I'm passionate about economic empowerment, inclusion, and social entrepreneurship. Since 18, I founded initiatives like VIA Club and Shapers, empowering 4500+ university students to be civic leaders. With seven years of experience, I wear multiple hats, including fundraising, project management, and research.

Sherlock Yang image

Sherlock Yang


Leadership is a language to bridge people and create collective transformative change. My leadership journey taught me that loving people is a key value. Currently, I am Vice Chairperson of a community leading and organizing international events. My future goal is to start a small business and become a mid-market enterprise within 5 years.

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